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November 1, 2014
News for November 2014
Serving those who serve others!

AFG Application Period Is Now Open!

The big news this month is for firefighters! The 2014 grant submission window is now open and will close on December 5, 2014. We have some great ideas for those departments who are interested in serving both their own, and community needs.

We have prepared a free planning guide that provides detailed information on how fire departments can 1) Establish interoperability with ANY radio system, and in particular, meeting State Guidelines, 
2) Provide a cure for problems caused by narrow banding, 3) Provide improved safety for firefighters and citizens, 4) Get in compliance with ISO, NFPA, and OSHA, 5) Help provide faster response times, 6) Reduce property loss, 7) Provide better incident command capabilities, 8) Develop community partnerships for greater efficiency, 9) Introduce more cost efficient technology, and 10) Share residual benefits to serve other community needs.

To help you with developing your grant application, we have prepared a free AFG Planning Guide. For your copy, just click here! If you have any questions, or if you need assistance give us a call at 205.854.2611 or drop us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com

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New SiteSentry Security System
At Last - A security system that gets help in a hurry with no monthly fees or contract!

Our new SiteSentry is designed especially for users in rural areas where response time is slow, by groups of people working together (business, residential, church and volunteer fire departments), by those wanting the fastest possible response time, and those who don't want a continuing monthly charge.

SiteSentry is ideal for use by volunteer fire departments.  Unauthorized entry, tampering by copper thieves, even fire can be reported directly to firefighter pagers, radios, or optionally, cell phones with no delay through alarm services or even 911. And, there are NO monthly fees!  Great for residential communities with neighbors acting as first responders or churches with elders and deacons being the first responders.  Click here for more information!
In The News - Making Schools Safer!
The word is getting around! Falcon Community Services is leading the way in making schools safer!  
If you would like to know what the buzz is all about, click here for a copy of a video story by ABC 33/40 on the system we designed for the DeArmanville Elementary School. And that's just part of the story! Wait till you see some of the other new products and services we are offering to make our educational institutions the safest in the world! More information is available by clicking here, or by just giving us a call at 800.489.2611.
What a revoltin development this is.......
Is Motorola Ineligible to sell products on GSA or paid for with Federal funding?

It appears that Motorola may be ineligible to sell many of their products, including the popular Minitor VI pager, through GSA, or to users making payment with federal funds. A request for clarification is currently pending at the department level (both GSA and FEMA).

 It is our understanding that this issue may require involvement by the U.S Attorney General. How did all this happen? As William Bendix used to say on the TV sitcom, Life of Riley - What a revoltin development this is! Want to know more?  Click here!

School Safety Begins At The Door, But.......
Locking school doors and providing no access to the public can cause as many problems as it solves.

I recently arrived at a school located about an hour away from Birmingham where I had an appointment. After walking a quarter mile from the nearest parking place, and up two flights of stairs to the front door, I was greeted by a locked door and a keypad. To be admitted, I had to return to my car, use my cell phone to call the office, and make the trek back to the office - Not very parent, vendor, or visitor friendly! Want to know a good solution?  Click here!
Siemens Energy chooses Falcon Wireless for improved plant safety

SiteAlert provides efficient and affordable solution for OSHAS 18001 compliance!

After reviewing the requirements of OSHAS 18001 (Click here for more information), it was determined that electronic wireless call boxes could be located through the plant production area to allow employees to summon assistance at the press of a button. Falcon Wireless offered such a product, but Siemens wanted special features that were not available in the standard production models. So, we custom built it! It's called an Emergency Alert Station (EAS). Click here for more information.
The best school radio ever!
Special pricing this month. Buy 9, get one free.  Buy 17 and get 3 free!

We got a call from a school principal the other day. His school uses radios for bus loading, general administration, security, housekeeping, and maintenance. They had several problems. The current radios had dead spots (multi-building campus), the ladies (and the men too although they would not admit it) hated the current radios. They were bulky with antennas designed to stick the user in the ribs. The batteries required frequent replacement, and the range had never been the same since narrow banding. But the BIGGEST problem was too much talking on a single channel! We offered a simple and affordable solution? Want to know what it was? Click here!
Getting to know our Premier Partners.......

US Alert LLC of Boca Raton, Florida - Our featured partner for the month of October!

Earlier in this eNewsletter, we pointed out one of the potential problems is choosing non-US made products. There are other reasons for favoring US manufacturers. That is why we recommend the US Alert WatchDog pagers for our firefighter and industrial customers. We are proud to be associated with US Alert.  As you get to better know this company, and the products they offer, you'll see why the decision was made to work together. We're glad to be a part of the team! You can learn more about the WatchDog pagers by clicking here.
A Final word.......
Adalynn Marisa Jones, a recent arrival on this planet, has approved return to work by her mom, and our highly depended on one - Joy Jones. From the comfort of her queen sized high chair (complete with safety harness), Adalynn has requested that we take good care of her mother who returns this coming Friday. Aunt in law Jennifer will be assuming day care of Adalynn while her mother helps take care of us.
Thanks for visiting with us. We appreciate you!
       Burch Falkner and all the Falcon Team
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