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August 11, 2014
News for August, 2014
Special Edition for Church Readers

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to our new readers, our thanks for the loyalty of our older readers and especially this month for our Church readers! If you are receiving our eNewsletter for the first time, we want you to know that this is a courtesy copy to those who have expressed an interest and/or purchased from us in the last month.  If you don't wish to receive future eNewsletters, just click on the UnSubscribe button at the bottom of the page or click here.

Our older readers that we are a little late this month as well as a change in our format which will allow individual user groups to select topics of interest applicable to their specific needs.  For example, there is very little in common between churches and manufacturing plants, or fire departments and golf courses. With our new format, you can quickly scan the current topics of interest to specific groups.  

We are midway through an extensive change in what we offer and to whom it is offered.  That process began last month with a focus on manufacturers and products especially selected to address the needs of those we serve.  If you didn't receive a copy of the July eNewsletter, click here. Our focus this month will be on churches and the products that we offer to serve the unique needs of these special institutions.  We will begin with the problem of church fires and how our readers can be better prepared to protect church buildings.
Church Fire Solutions!

Summer is the peak season for church fires.  Lightning strikes peak in the summer and so do arsonists.  We don't know why, we just have a great solution!

Within the last month, two of our local area churches have suffered major fire damage. One from lightning on the east side of town and another from an arsonist on the west side of town.

Damage was extensive.  A fifteen hundred dollar one time cost could have saved thousands of dollars in damages.  Many churches don't have insurance.  Many don't have alarm systems (which basically don't work anyway).  Click here to learn why.

We have a system that DOES work. Click here for the whole story!
A Special Message to Churches with Schools!

In our lead article, you learned about how AlarmAlert can help protect places and property.  Now learn how AlarmAlert can protect People!

Front office personnel, teachers, and students are all at risk for unexpected visits by irregular people - sometimes armed, sometimes not, but a potential unscheduled safety threat.  By adding one or more $99 Personal Call Buttons (PCBs), working in conjunction with the same AlarmAlert used to detect and report fires and intrusion, you can add instant personal emergency notification.  Initially used to make government offices safer, this same technology is now available for use in schools - both private and public.  Additional information is available by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of Calhoun County Sheriffs Department

Two-way radio for churches?  You betcha!


2-way radios are used by an increasing number of churches for security, administrative, and operational requirements.  The question is, how to you make the right choice?

What's the difference between a hundred and fifty dollar radio and a five hundred dollar radio? The answer depends on who you ask.  Generally the discussion will focus on available personal 2-way radios.  Later, the topic may change to other types of radios like secured access communications, fixed office communicators, interoperability with other users (such as fire departments and law enforcement).

Experience indicates that the majority of our readers would like to start with a simple explanation of what is available in personal 2-way radios, what they cost, and how to evaluate the features.  Believe it or not, we have all those answers on a simple two page document.  It's yours for free by clicking here.
What did you say?


America's aging population has special needs.  Our job is to help you fill those needs!

As your members get older, many of them would appreciate the gift of hearing the service. The ALD-800 system connects directly to your sound board with a standard phone jack to transmit the audio to wireless receivers assigned to the hearing impaired. With a range of 300 feet, this system can serve the needs of both small and large churches. Get your transmitter and four receivers for just $345! Add additional receivers as needed. You can order on line at our web store by clicking here.
Speaking of Special Needs.....

What is your church doing to address the special needs of in-home folks in your community?

All kinds of people are at home alone these days. Children of single parents, the disabled, the elderly, those returning from surgery, single moms under protective orders, and the list goes on. 

The question is what can we do together to help them?  One of our police department users came up with a great idea which we call NeighborNet. Your church can be a part of this program.  Additional information is available by clicking here.                             

This little guy needs a ParentFinder!

ParentFinder is a term we coined in 1990 as the name for wireless nursery to parent silent paging when a parent is needed in the nursery.   

Over the years, we have watched competitors and imitators come and go. Many of them put themselves out of business by selling too cheap, offering inferior grade products, or trying to add special features that were of no value to the user.  Conversely. many of the systems we provided going back to 1990 are STILL in use!

ParentFinder systems are simple, efficient and reliable.  You may be able to find a cheaper system, maybe even a better system at a higher cost.  But if you want a system that can silently alert parents when needed, you need a ParentFinder system.  Additional information is available by clicking here.
Other things we do for churches

We save you money.  We protect people, places, and property, and we respond quickly to your changing needs.

We've been addressing the needs of churches for close to a quarter of a decade. We have touched upon some of our special products especially addressing safety in this message for our church friends.  There are other products and services that may be of interest.  You can read about them by clicking here.

We also have a special web site for churches at ChurchRadios.us.  If you don't see what you need,  give me a call at 800.489.2611. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Candice Staggs
At your Service!
Getting to know our Premier Partners.......


Ritron, Inc. is our Premier Partner for August.  Special products built by special people in the USA!

We've been working with Ritron, Inc. of Carmel, Indiana for a long, long, time.  Our relationship goes back to 1978 when founder Bill Rice introduced an efficient and affordable radio known as the Jobcom.  The company is still privately owned, with Steve Rice, son of the founder at the helm.  We are delighted to be associated with this unique American manufacturer. You can learn more about Ritron products by clicking here.

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      Burch Falkner and all the Falcon Team

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