American made special products.......  

from Falcon Wireless, Omnicron, Ritron, and VeeTronics. are affordable, reliable, and provide special features 
and functionality available nowhere else. 

The 2TR9 fixed monitor receiver, shown at the upper left, has a built in amplified speaker and 2-tone paging decoder.  It is ideal for use in fire stations where it can be directly connected to an existing or new PA system.  An optional relay allows the 2TR9 to remotely control doors, gates, switches or sirens.  .Click on button to buy now!
AlarmAlert, shown at the left, is similar to the AC-Plus and SiteAlert models plus it can be used with external wireless sensors and activators.  Wireless motion detectors, door switches, and tamper monitors and be used as well personal call buttons.
BlueBox is an incredible new product family designed to recover the lost operating range caused by narrow banding and to provide an interface between different types of systems.  Both fixed station and mobile versions are available.  Click on the highlighted product title for more information. Click on button to buy now!
Our new Controller II is not much larger than a standard desk telephone, yet is has the capability of controlling up to TEN radios - VHF, UHF, or even 800 MHz! Not only is the Controller II a super space saver, it is AFFORDABLE.  You can own a brand new Controller II for less that the cost of maintenance on a typical "console".
DoubleTalker is a combination Firefighter hearing protection system, wireless mobile radio range extender, cross band repeater, 2-way wireless intercom, Insurance premium reducer, NFPA and OSHA standards compliance solution and Litigation avoidance system.  Headsets cost less than the cost of an economy grade portable radio!
The EvacAll system provides the ability to notify groups of people in a common area when there is a need for mass notification.  This device is especially well suited for use industrial plants for OSHA compliance. Click on button to buy now!
The FastTalk-II wireless intercom system is ideally suited as a less expensive alternative to wired school intercom system.  Not only is it less expensive to purchase, it is less expensive to maintain, easier to use, take us less space in the office and it has the flexibility to be used with personal communicators that go where the user goes and it is fully compatible with the EvacAll system (see above). Click on button to buy now!
The InstaLertR was developed to address a need by fire department dispatcher to instantly know if a fire dispatch or repeater station has failed.  The use of this unique device provides compliance with ISO requirements to get better ratings and potentially lower insurance rates along with litigation avoidance..

Our SiteAlert system shown at the left is totally unique. Several models are available.  The AC-Plus monitors AC power at a remote location.  When power fails and/or restarts, the AC-Plus can transmit a pre-recorded voice message directly to any analog VHF or UHF 2-way radio.  An optional door switch can notify you whenever someone enters or leaves the premises on the SiteAlert model.  

TeleCorder is a low cost desktop recorder/playback unit that can record up to four inputs which can be radios, phone lines, or a mix of both.  You can transfer data to a USB memory storage device, the internal memory of a PC or even provide remote access via the Internet.   

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