You've probably never heard of a CS Series radio.  Most people never will. That's because these radios are not nationally advertised, and we have no plans to expand distribution beyond our existing customer base.  If this is your first introduction to these remarkable radios, get ready for a treat.  You'll see features and capabilities found nowhere else at prices that are well below what you would expect to pay.

The CS-STD Series (See picture above) is compact, powerful, and affordable personal two way radio.  The standard radio (5W VHF or 4W UHF) is available from Falcon Wireless for only $149 (slightly more for users wanting a radio with paging capability and a tone alert that sounds like a Motorola Minitor™.   Another model has a handshake tone capability that allows it by be used with our incredible BlueBox for communicating on 800 MHz trunked radio systems such as ARCS and MSWIN. As for service, we offer a flat rate repair plan that covers everything including battery, cosmetics (housing), repairs or replacement as required, as well as items normally excluded from warranty repair (antennas, batteries, clips, and even water damage).  This flat rate repair plan, known as the 3R Program is available ONLY from Falcon Wireless. 

Also available from Falcon Wireless is an upgrade (actually a choice of three upgrades) for $40 additional.  The first is a customized channel announce feature.  Instead of saying the number of the channel selection, you can chose a name for the channel such as Fire Repeater East. Another option is the Emergency Voice Notification Feature (EVN).  This feature allows the user to send a distress message using a pre-recorded voice message at the touch of a button (Such as Assistance needed in school office).  A third option allows a recorded audio clip of an emergency tone to be broadcast through an available wireless PA system (additional information available by clicking here). 

A fourth option allows the CS-STD to be used in conjunction with our BlueBox interface with digital trunked radio systems using a handshake connect tone. This feature allows a less than $200 analog radio to talk to a $5,000 digital trunked radio through an inexpensive vehicle controller. Additional information is available at And, the CS-STD has built in 2-tone paging, but that's not all!  The paging alert tone sounds just like a Motorola Minitor™ pager!  Don't take my word for it - just click here for a sample of the paging alert tone of the CS-STD (Also available on the DSP and DMR models)!

Users desiring a radio with a display and/or analog plus digital capability will be interested in the CS-DSP (analog only) or the CS-DMR with display, a choice of VHF or UHF plus both analog and DMR digital operating modes.  Click here for more information, or call us at 800.489.2611.

Thanks for visiting with us.  We look forward to serving you!

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