We've got a new way of doing 
       business for 2018!


ur business model for 2018 is to become the world's first Technology Benefits Integrator, or TBI.  In simple terms, our business is one of applying wireless technology to provide real benefits to those we serve.  For example, we were and are, one of the first to recognize the benefits of Network Radios.  Check out info4u.us/TeamTalkers for more information on this incredible new technology.  This is just one example of what we are doing as we build on the business model we began developing in 2017.  

The objective was not to "beat" competition, win an Attaboy award, or even to make so much money we couldn't spend it all.  To the contrary, the business plan was one of identifying needs and serving the needs of those who could benefit from creative applications of wireless technology based on a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.  The plan is based on seven objectives.  Here they are:



1)  Give our customers a choice of better wireless products at lower cost!
2)  Eliminate 2-way radio battery replacement and maintenance cost!
3)  Help you stay out of trouble with government regulatory agencies (FCC, OSHA etc.)!

4)  Significantly reduce downtime for radio maintenance!

5)  Help to provide enhanced client services, and enjoy the added profits!

6)  Reduce operational cost by planned equipment replacement! 

7)  Enjoy the value of a collaborative relationship rather than a buyer/seller battle!

Now, having said all that, this is a farewell to copy cat price cutters, big name competitors who can crush free enterprise and user choice through unethical practices, and people who really shouldn't be in business at all. 

This is a "Hello" to old and new customers who believe that all business should be conducted on the basis of mutual benefit, fair dealing, and development of long term relationships.  If this makes sense to you, please give me a call, personally, at 205.854.2611 or visit info4u.us/value for more information on how this new business plan works. I can assure you of one thing. You've never seen anything like it, by a dam site. See picture above!

Speaking of pictures, and service, and purpose, and stuff like that; we have narrowed our focus to dealing with only a few selected product partners who meet our criteria for great products, creative solutions, and superb customer support.  One of those companies is Hytera. We are proud of a long term relationship with Hytera, which we class as "the best in the business".  Click on the image below for additional information.

All the best to you and yours for 2018 and beyond!

Burch Falkner and all the Falcon Team
We are At your Service!

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