The EvacAll-LoudMouth Product Family

EvacAll is an exclusive product offered only by Falcon Wireless.  It is based on the technology used in the LoudMouth developed by another American manufacturer - Ritron, Inc. of Carmel, Indiana. While the products are similar, the applications and the features are different. The EvacAll and a companion product known as the VoiceTXTR are designed for a specific application. That application is to alert large numbers of people, such as in industrial plants or schools when there is an emergency.

The emergency can be environmental (chemical spills, gas leaks, etc.), dealing with disruptive people (from angry customers, employees, parents, or robbers), or weather related (hurricanes, tornados, and everything else in between).  The primary function of the EvacAll version is to save lives and to provide compliance with OSHA standard (20 CFR 19 10 (165(b). Operationally, the EvacAll and the LoudMouth are very similar.  The following information is available to help better understand the technology and the use of the product.

Product Data Sheet and Pricing - 

Video showing a typical installation -

LoudMouth Manual with installation instructions for connecting to PA System - 

Article on how LoudMouth is used at a large power generation plant - http://www.Wireless PA Power Plant Application.pdf

Article on how LoudMouth is used on a college campus - 

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There are three versions of the LoudMouth.  The first is a Falcon Wireless special (EvacAll) which includes a strobe light for emergency mass notification use and customized sound emitted from a companion desktop or portable radio.  Current sounds include an alerting siren and an audio clip form the movie Rocky theme song.. The standard LoudMouth wireless PA is the LM Series, an ideal solution where a hard-wired PA installation is simply impossible, too expensive, or temporary. The LM Series LoudMouth allows you to use your portable 2-way radio, base station or mobile radio to deliver live voice messages directly to a PA speaker up to 2 miles away.  The LM Series consists of a VHF or UHF selectively addressable radio receiver enclosed in a durable housing also containing a PA amplifier connected to a horn type speaker.  This is a self contained system that is ideal for applications where wired PA systems are not practical.  The LoudMouth is designed to operate from 110 volts AC, although an optional backup battery is available that will provide up to 10 hours of operation in a portable application or for continued operation in the event of an AC power failure.   

Another version of the LoudMouth is the LPA Series.  The function of this system is to provide an interface with a conventional wired PA system to allow access by a 2-way radio rather than by a fixed intercom station.  In simple terms, the LPA series is a LoudMouth with an amplified speaker.  The amplifier and speaker are replaced by interface circuitry that allows a direct connection to a conventional wired intercom amplifier.  The application for the LPA series is to all access to the intercom system from anywhere on the campus or within a plant, institutional, or activity area.   

When you purchase your LoudMouth communications equipment from Falcon Wireless Direct, you not only get low prices, but VALUE as well.  We take care of our customers by keeping them informed on applicable FCC regulations and providing assistance when required.  Of equal importance, we don't play games with pricing by offering "specials" that have just expired when you call or advertising prices that are subject to special conditions. We offer fair pricing AND great service!  

You don't have to purchase in quantity to get our best price.  You get it if you only purchase one!  You don't have to pay extra for programming.  We sometimes see a supplier offering a price that is apparently lower than ours, but hidden in the details when you order is a twenty dollar per unit programming charge or missing "optional" parts that are required for proper operation.  We don't try to trick you with gimmicks.  Our objective is to give you the best VALUE.  We recognize there are situations where additional discounts may be warranted based on quantity or simply price matching.  The fact is that we are a top tier reseller of Ritron products and we can match prices with anyone and still give you the best service in the business.  We welcome the opportunity of serving YOU!

A word about the FCC licensing

All 2-way radios used for business and governmental use must be licensed excluding Family Radio Service (FRS) radios - period, no exceptions, ever, for anybody except one.  The MURS (Multi Use Radio Service) is available for anyone to use - business, personal or public safety.  Five frequencies are available in the VHF 150 - 154 MHz band for fixed station, mobile, handheld or paging use.  General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies are NOT approved for commercial or governmental use. The so called color dot frequencies DO require an FCC license for use.  All licensed base stations (Stationary Radio Units) must transmit their assigned station call letters in voice or Morse code at least once every hour.  Substantial fines can result from improper operation.  Falcon Wireless Direct can assist you in obtaining an FCC license.  An optional accessory is available for Patriot fixed station equipment  that will provide automatic station identification for licensed systems.  Call us at 1.800.489.2611 for additional information.


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